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Welcome to NSR II Company Inc., a Brooklyn Remodeling Company
NSR II Company Inc. is a Brooklyn renovation and general construction company that builds, rebuilds, and remodels interiors and exteriors. Our company has completed hundreds of projects in dental/medical/imaging centers, churches, residential, and commercial, venues.  Every remodel contractor at NSR II Company is a reliable professional that accomplishes the job in a timely fashion and within your budget. Their expertise range from carpenters, tile workers, roofers, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, AC installation and mechanics, brick & stone construction and refacing, concrete, stucco (modern and traditional),  tile / granite / marble experts, internal expert sheetrock hangers and refiners and much more. 
NSR II Company also cooperates with other superb subcontractors along with top level designers, engineers, and architects to accommodate and delight your imagination and visions for all your projects. Furthermore, NSR II will willingly accept and work with any entity that you request. NSR II is dedicated and committed to forming a strong relationship in order to accomplish the assigned task. Their impeccable attention to detail leaves many satisfied customers in awe seeing their dreams come true right before their eyes. Many of our customers have returned for additional projects and have recommended us to others so that we can make their dreams become a reality. 
                                                     NSR II Company Mission Statement 
                                                 You should never say no, 
                   because everything is possible and all your  dreams can become a reality. 
                                       Open your doors and let us sculpt your dreams.

                                                   NSR II Company Inc is Licensed and Insured.

Brooklyn Renovation and Brooklyn Remodeling: NSR II Company